I Remember a Time

I remember a time
when I would just look at you
and smile;
your smiles and laughs so delightful
your gestures so curious to
learn and do more.

I remember a time
being on the floor with you
rocking and moving your little legs
trying to teach you how to crawl.
What a sight that must have been!

I remember a time
with you
trying to help you stand
then steadying you
while you tried to take a step.

I remember a time
when I held my arms
out to you
upward towards the sky
and you did walk towards me
three whole steps
on your 1st Birthday!

I remember a time
when you loved to play the small drum
and Poppy and I found a little dress,
a Pocahontas dress for you;
we had your picture taken
in that little dress
so beautiful you were, Ashley Darlin.

I remember a time
when you would put me to bed
and cover me up
and take care of me
as if you were the Mommy.
How you loved to role-play,
I'm wondering if you still do?

I remember a time
when we would go spend time
with the cows and sheep nearby.
You never seemed to tire
of going to watch the moo cows!

I remember a time
when we would all sing in the car
and sometimes
you would fall asleep.

I remember a time
you loved to play
ring around the rosey
you never wanted us to stop
so we would keep on
until we couldn't
ring around the rosey.. anymore!

I remember a time
when you and your Mommy
moved away.
Many of us cried so often
as we missed you so very much.

Now, we spend time visiting
each other when we can.
Or we talk on the phone,
or we send messages on-line.

You are forever etched into my heart
so that no matter where you are
or where I am
You are always with me.

I can see your smiling face
Hear your lovely voice
See your very expressive faces
I can see you dancing around the room
in my mind
or sleeping sprawled all over the bed
at night so peacefully.

You see, Ashley Darlin,
you are never ever apart from me.
Mamie loves you each and every minute
of each and every day.

I Remember a Time
written just for you Ashley
July 13, 2000, by Mamie

The poem aptly titled, Ashley,
was submitted by a visitor to your site, Ashley!
Isn't it grand?


Her name is Ashley,
as anyone can plainly see.
She's got such a sweet smile,
it melts your heart instantly.

Lookin' at Ashley's coloring,
I was filled with such delight.
For allowing me to see the world for a moment,
through this child's eyes so bright.

There ain't a doubt about it,
her family must be so proud.
With such a shining star,
she stands out in the crowd.

I'm so happy I came to visit,
a little girl named Ashley.
The little angel with a smile,
who melted my heart instantly.
~ m2 ~ © 7.22.00






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